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Mitolife Radio

Dec 28, 2019

In this episode I give a recap of what I learned in 2019 and talk about topics that I think are being ignored in the biohacking/natural health podcast space. Yes, I get a little heated and go into some passionate ranting. Its time to stop talking about psychedelic "plant medicine", glyphosate, chemtrails, and GMOs and start talking about NPK fertilizer, acid rain, magnesium deficiency, vitamin E deficiency, and poisonous omega-3 supplements.

People think that the alternative health space is a free-minded space to learn the truth about health. In reality, the alternative health community is just as much out to lunch as the conventional health community. There is a heavy focus on nootropics, mold illness, doing hard drugs in Costa Rica, and expensive structured water devices. 

What happened to the foundation? What happened to starting with the basics? What happened to the reality of sugar being the primary fuel of the cell? Now, everybody is so spun out on acid rain, NPK fertilizer and PUFAs that they need a study to prove what basic physiology texts state as fact. 

Indeed, humanity is in a sad state, but we will emerge from the shadows. I promise to never stop exposing the evil vampires that plague the health world and prey on innocent sick people. 77,000 downloads and exponentially growing... you have no idea what's coming! Mitolife Radio is just getting started. 

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