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Mitolife Radio

May 21, 2021

Did you know that our food has become weaker over time? Salt-based NPK fertilizers that bloat the plants, acid rain, watering our produce with tap water and other factors have contributed to the degradation of our food supply. 

Charles Barber runs a family farm in Texas where he uses advanced methods like mushroom...

May 14, 2021

How does your mineral status show you what state of stress you're in? Can you over-supplement magnesium? What does low carb do to your potassium levels? What happens if you don't eat enough salt? What do prescription medications do to your minerals?

Loren de la Cruz of Innate Nutrition shares her knowledge...

May 7, 2021

In this solo episode I share my mistakes and what i've learned from them in two years of homesteading. My research over the past 15 years has lead me to the fact that our entire infrastructure is built on a house of cards that can topple over at any moment. We recently saw what happened in Texas and how...