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Mitolife Radio

Nov 27, 2020

Every once in awhile someone enters into your life and flips everything that you thought you knew on its head. Atom Bergstrom is one of those people for me. He is the (chronologically) oldest most humble man I’ve ever met. I aspire to be as flexible to change when I am his age.

In this fifth chat with him he shares...

Nov 20, 2020

Do you know about the therapeutic properties of different wavelengths of light, especially red, infrared and ultraviolet? In this interview Kris Sweeting, founder of EMR-Tek, shares his knowledge and experience working with light therapy devices.

He talks about how he repigmented his skin and reversed vitiligo and used...

Nov 14, 2020

Are you constantly searching for a new diet or exercise program to lose weight? Have you been cutting out food groups left and right and eliminating sugar? Do you find yourself rebounding often and gaining back all of the weight you lost and more?

If so, you will want to listen to this chat I had with Kitty Blomfield...

Nov 6, 2020

What should expecting fathers and mothers do to prepare to conceive a baby? Should the mother take omega-3 fatty acid supplements? Should the father take zinc? Should dairy be avoided? How do men supercharge their sperm? How long should parents wait before having a 2nd child? 

All of these questions and more are...