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Mitolife Radio

Apr 7, 2023

In my first episode with Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic and Mario of Analemma they described what coherent water is and its effects on biology. In this second talk with them they expand on that idea and talk about new research studies that they conducted using their water. One study showed a staggering 27% increase in ATP in two months of drinking the coherent water, another study showed increased bacterial activity in the soil of cherry tomato plants, and another showed 17% improvement in gut dysbiosis in three months.

They introduce their whole house device and touch on the topical benefits of coherent water. We also talk about growing in a greenhouse versus outdoors, electroculture, whether EMF blocking is a good idea, the GlycanAge study, how best to charge the Analemma portable device, and why its just as important to remove the energetic contaminants as the physical contaminants.

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