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Mitolife Radio

Apr 28, 2023

“By the refining of Peat-Fiber it would be possible to free the bound elemental beings therein, and these elemental beings would then out of gratitude protect people from what was imminent in the near future, namely that the atmosphere would be so permeated by electricity, magnetic fields, aircraft and much worse, that for the people life on earth would be a torment. But textiles and garments made from Peat-Fibers could protect humans from these influences“. - Rudolph Steiner

Patrick Steensma took the information shared by Rudolph Steiner and made products out of it, including peat fiber comforters, mattress toppers, and even vests to protect your energy while you are away from home. He touches on the physical benefits of being in close proximity to peat fiber, but mostly focuses on the energetic aspects. Get ready because this episode gets weird!

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Music by George Henner