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Mitolife Radio

Oct 23, 2020

What is the most primordial and ancient battle occurring on planet earth? It is the fight between iron and copper for oxygen. It is interesting that blue wavelength light correlates with the frequency of iron and red light correlates with the frequency of copper. We live in a artificial blue lit world and everyone has iron overload from the food and water. Everyones sick... go figure?

In this interview, the legendary mineral expert Morley Robbins returns to illuminate the relationship between mineral imbalance and disease. We focus specifically on lipofuscin, which is a melted-plastic material made up of polyunsaturated fat breakdown products, aluminum, iron and estrogen. 

While we have slightly different views about should be focused on to pull out the rug from under lipofuscinosis, we agree that iron should be targeted. You target iron by focusing on consuming bioavailable copper and avoiding supplements and ingredients that hemorrhage your active copper: ceruloplasmin. 


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