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Mitolife Radio

Mar 11, 2022

Every drop of water that you drink is not always H2O; sometimes it is D2O. There are three isotopes of hydrogen: protium, deuterium and tritium. One glass of water has on average 6 drops of D2O (deuterium), which doesn't sound like a lot, but over several years it adds up and impairs the ATPase of the mitochondria.

Robert Slovak and Victor Sagalovsky are the founders of a company called Litewater. They offer deuterium depleted water that is the lowest parts per million of any available, which makes it the most affordable to use for a deuterium depletion strategy.

They describe the exact mechanisms how deuterium impairs mitochondrial energy production, quantum tunneling, and decreases oxygen utilization. They answer questions from listeners including: thoughts on primary water, kangen water, freezing water at home to make your own DDW and the synergy between DDW and molecular hydrogen tablets.

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