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Mitolife Radio

Jan 22, 2021

When you heal on a specific program it is easy to get stuck on one paradigm and become rigid in the way that you live your life. Health is a lot more than nutrition, so rigidity can breed disease and imbalances. 

Kourtney Simmang healed herself from migraines, ADD, PCOS, Hashimotos, Epstein bar, and more using a metabolically supporting approach to health and not restricting macronutrients. Whats more impressive, having come out the other side, she maintains a balanced approach and doesn't mind bending the rules every once in awhile.

In this interview I ask Kourtney several questions from listeners including: What is a good strategy for hyperthyroidism? How to increase a woman's sex drive? What is an ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner? What are the best foods for fertility and pregnancy? Be sure to tune into this one!

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Music by George Henner