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Mitolife Radio

Feb 11, 2022

What is the difference between base 10 and base 12 mathematics? Did Nikola Tesla say that the key to the universe was 3-6-9 or 3-6-9-12? Are we meant to lose our physical bodies or take them with us? What is the language of our DNA? What is scalar energy? 

Dr Jere Rivera-Dugenio answers all of these questions in this interview. He also shares his thoughts on extra terrestrials, the Egyptians and mummification, teleportation and different dimensions.

He created an advanced technology called the Rasha based on the works of Antione Priore, Royal Rife, Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Meyl. It is made of coils wound in a very specific way connected to vacuum tubes that contain a proprietary blend of noble gases. They are excited by frequencies that play into the machine and the device generates a powerful field around it that affects our morphogenetic field and supports optimal health.

The Rasha

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