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Mitolife Radio

Apr 11, 2019

In this bonus episode I share my favorite device for cat owners: the Litter Robot! Many of us have very busy lives, and scooping soiled cat litter is just one more task to add to the long list. This machine is a one-time purchase makes it so you never have to scoop again. It makes it a lot easier to on short trips and there is no nasty smell!

Near the end of the episode I talk about cat health in general. I share my thoughts on how to keep your cat in optimal health. Much of it applies to dogs too!

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00:13 Introduction

02:02 Interview Begins

03:50Automatic Litter Boxes

06:10 Getting Your Cat to Use It

08:06 The Litter Robot Difference

10:20 Odor Reduction

12:05 Sifting Cycle

14:22 Pets Per Unit

15:10 Biodegradable Liners

16:01 Compatible Cat Litters

17:31 Traveling Recommendations

20:32 Warranty

21:36 Q&A

22:18 Boosting Cats Immune System

24:42 Flea Mitigation

26:19 What Types of Foods and When to Feed

30:30 Closing Notes