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Mitolife Radio

May 5, 2023

For the past three years I have lived in the deep forest insulated from society. When everyone around the entire world was wearing muzzles on their face, life remained normal in northern Idaho. 

I recently moved back to southern California. The main reason was to be closer to my family because I don't miss birthdays and rarely miss holidays. I was tired of flying in planes every few months and getting touched in sensitive areas by the TSA so often. My decision to move was solidified when I was stranded after Christmas and at the mercy of airline companies and rental car agencies.

There are some things that I already miss, like military vets standing guard downtown with their AR-15s when Antifa was doing their Pacific Northwest tour, and not hearing any noise pollution for days on end. But living completely off grid like I was wasn't everything the social media meme maker idealists make it out to be. Listening to a generator roaring for six months out of the year when there is no sun is major noise pollution. I would estimate that 50% of my time and energy last year was tied up not with researching health topics like I would've liked, but in troubleshooting broken generators and unsticking stuck big rig machines from my land.

In this episode I break down what real spiritual development means to me, my current projects that I'm focusing on in my new home, and answer listener questions including what I would do if I had a benign head tumor, what makes my water filter different from the rest, my top 5 supplements, and more.

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Music by George Henner