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Mitolife Radio

Oct 27, 2023

There is a lot of information floating around on the internet about water filtration. Some say that distillation is the holy grail, for some its "raw" spring water, and others say it is "alkalized" electron rich water.

What we want is acid free, contaminant free, and properly mineralized water. Everything else (rose quartz infused, vortexed, energetic retrainment) ALWAYS comes secondary to that. Distilled water does not remove all impurities and leaves the volatile acids in your product water. The $3,000 alkalized multi level marketing water is not even a water filter. You can spend $60 on a bottle of hydrogen tablets and achieve the same thing for 50 times less cost. Unfiltered spring water usually contains corrosive acids that can completely eliminate fish populations from a body of water but they're supposedly safe for humans to consume.

In this episode I talk about the most important things to look for when purchasing a water filter and some encouragement for those that say they can't afford one. I answer listener questions including: thoughts on sole water, thoughts on kangen water, vortexing versus analemma, how to keep "the good stuff" in spring water, mountain valley water, main analytes to request in a water test, and more.

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