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Mitolife Radio

Jul 17, 2020

I have worked many different jobs in my life, one of the most interesting being a medicinal cannabis delivery driver. I never regret working all of my odd-jobs because they each taught me a lot about human nature. People are desperate for a cure-all substance. In this case, it was Rick Simpson oil (RSO). I remember delivering an order to a cancer patient that ordered over $2,000 worth. While I know that has benefits, I believe that it is absolutely useless if the person is bathing in and drinking tap water and eating NPK fertilizer tap-water grown produce.

I have seen people get swept up in fear and hysteria, similar to the current corona situation. At that point, all logic and rational thought goes out the window. They don't think about the LED lights hitting their eyes and skin all day contributing to their cancer, or the countless toxic chemicals and hard minerals in their drinking water, or the non-native EMF they're energetically bathing in 24/7, or the cancer-causing omega-3 supplement that they're taking everyday. 

In this solo episode I go down the list of what I would do if I had cancer. I talk about light, water, non-native EMF, food, air quality, iron overload, omega-3, copper, magnesium, shilajit, vitamin E, vitamin K2-7, molecular hydrogen and more. One thing that I forgot to mention is methylene blue, which has a tremendous beneficial effect on the mitochondria. Enjoy!

Blue light linked with breast and prostate cancer study:

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