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Mitolife Radio

Dec 16, 2023

If you've been interested in natural healing for several years you've probably done a parasite cleanse. Holistic healthcare practitioner Angela Stinson has done it all from the pharmaceutical anti-parasitics to turpentine and everything inbetween. She shares her journey of being overweight, being on over 30 medications and losing her hair from cleansing too aggressively. Now she educates her clients to go slow and steady and to always ask the question before starting a parasite cleanse: Is my nervous system ready for it?

In this episode she shares her thoughts on why we need parasites in our body, how anti-parasitic herbs affect our gut microbiome long term, if we have to travel internationally to get parasites, and whether she sees more iron overload or iron deficiency with her clients. She talks about why she likes bio-energetic testing, homeopathy, castor oil packs, and binders. I ask her numerous listener questions including: Does cleansing during the full moon actually do anything? Are we doomed to have parasites if we eat sushi frequently? Garlic enemas and other intense recipes, thoughts on Hulda Clark and the "Zapper", liver flukes, which foods kill parasites, is it safe to cleanse while breastfeeding or pregnant, thoughts on diatomaceous earth and psylliium husk, and a lot more. 

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