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Mitolife Radio

Apr 5, 2024

There is a lot of confusion in the natural heatlh world when it comes to oral health care. Should we brush our teeth? Are plastic bristles the devil? Is flossing necessary? Do waterpik devices replace flossing? Do we even need to go to the dentist if we're on top of our oral game?

Dr Leedia Riman is an integrative dentist that joins us to discuss all of this and more. She talks about how she discovered Weston Price and the power of nutrition for gum and teeth health. We talk about vitamin D supplementation, whats really happening when a cavity forms, the effects of smoking and acidic beverages on our teeth, her thoughts on xylitol, nitric oxide, mouth breathing, humidifiers in the bedroom, whether regular dental checkups are necessary, the reasons why you might experience pain when you go in for cleanings, why she loves ozone, fluoride versus hydroxyapatite, electric toothbrushes, tips for receeding gums, her thoughts on root canals and a ton more!

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