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Mitolife Radio

Dec 3, 2021

In this episode engineer Andrew LaTour breaks through many myths perpetuated by the red light therapy industry, including:

Are the two best wavelengths 660 and 850 nanometers? Do you have to spend more money to get a better quality product? Do you need full body coverage to get a full body effect? Do you have to be six inches away from the light? Are all ambient LED lights harmful? Is it better to get a panel thats FDA approved? 

He also answers some Q&A questions at the end: Can red light help with acne and stretch marks? Do you need to protect your eyes? Is it better to use it in the morning or evening? Should you be in a dark room while you're using red light? Is there such a thing as too much? What effect does red light have on plants?

Andrew is the founder of an affordable red light therapy company called GembaRed. He carries everything from night lights that won't disrupt your circadian rhythm when you go to the bathroom at night to red light office desk lamps to panels for photobiomodulation purposes.