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Mitolife Radio

Sep 16, 2022

Is anemia and iron deficiency the same thing? Can you have a normal hemoglobin level and be iron deficient? Does iron deficiency actually exist or does everyone have iron recycling issues? Is ferritin an accurate marker to tell if you're deficient? How do we interpret the lab markers serum iron, ferritin and transferrin?

Which nutrients and supplements interfere and enhance heme and non-heme iron absorption? What are the cofactors for iron? Can you have the gene mutation for hereditary hemochromatosis and still be iron deficient?

Caitlyn Hartigan, creator of The Iron Protocol, is an iron deficiency expert. In this episode she talks about iron deficiency and why it is a real problem that often requires supplementation or transfusions. She shares her journey of healing from iron deficiency, factors that cause iron deficiency in both men and women, and why anemia and iron deficiency are two different things. 

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Music by George Henner