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Mitolife Radio

Sep 30, 2022

What is the most common magnesium test that doctors have their patients perform? What is the difference between serum, red blood cell (RBC) and ionized magnesium testing? Which one is the most accurate reflection of one's magnesium status?

Dr Carolyn Dean, MD, author of over 50 books including the best seller The Magnesium Miracle, joins me to talk about a huge range of topics including veganism/vegetarianism, yeast overgrowth, why magnesium L-threonate is all marketing, the power of pico size minerals, detoxification, zinc, iron, vitamin D, megadosing vitamins, which nutrients are critical for thyroid hormone production, how to hit the RDA for potassium, hair tissue mineral analysis testing (HTMA), genetic testing, German New Medicine, and much more. 

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Music by George Henner