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Mitolife Radio

Sep 15, 2023

Many practitioners tell people to never supplement vitamin D. This was my belief system for several years because on the surface it made sense. When I dug deeper I found that there is something called a "biphasic dose response curve". That is a fancy way of saying: Take too much or too little and either way will increase calcification of soft tissues (Drueke, et al 2012).

Dr Tyler Panzner has a PhD in Mollecular and Cellular Pharmacology and looks at nutritional supplementation through a genetic mutations lens. In this episode he gives a brief explanation of how genetics works, how he was deficient in vitamin D on the beach in the middle of summer, why he believes vitamin D signaling is more important than blood levels, what he thinks about lab reference ranges, an alternative vitamin D supplement to cholecalciferol that he thinks works better, and some of the genetic mutations to look for if you suspect you are deficient.

He also talks about why he thinks NAC supplements are overrated, the demonization of melatonin supplements, borage oil, and gives a mini consultation looking at my genetic mutations with B12 and how supplementing lithium can help mitigate them.

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