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Mitolife Radio

Oct 7, 2022

What are fluoroquinolones and what does it mean to "get floxed"? What are the harmful effects of black mold? What is the oxidative versus reduced radio of glutathione and why does it matter? What are higher priorities to focus on than MTHFR? What is the relationship between taurine and vitamin B12? What is the relationship between vitamin B6 and lysine? Which people need a higher sodium to potassium ratio (more sodium than potassium)? 

Shawn Bean, "the metabolic detective", elaborates on all of these questions and much more. He has pioneered many different therapies and is a trailblazer in the natural health world. Have your note pad ready for this one because it is jam packed with appliable information to improve your health.

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Music by George Henner