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Mitolife Radio

Mar 18, 2022

According to Atom Bergstrom, you are not only what you eat, but WHEN you eat. He is anti intermittent fasting so he's not talking about eating windows, but the kinds of food that you eat in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The basic idea is tree foods in the morning, bush foods in the afternoon, and roots at night. Certain foods like eggs are neutral and can be eaten anytime while potatoes are best eaten at night for maximum absorption.

In this show he talks about how Yemenese coffee is the only bush coffee (midday), his favorite anti-parasitic protocol, why he doesn't recommend fasting, when you should break the solar timing rules, the healing power of oranges, why to put the crystal lepidolite in your water, wearing different colors on different days, which two fruits can be eaten at nighttime, and more! 

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Music by George Henner