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Mitolife Radio

Oct 28, 2022

For over a decade I've been hearing health educators talk about heavy metals and how dangerous they are to human health. I didn't realize how surface level the conversation was until I met Clark Engelbert of Nutritional Analytics.

In this interview he explains why people have mineral imbalance, why heavy metals are the single greatest health problem on planet earth, phosphate fertilizers and how they affect our soil that grows all of our food, organic versus inorganic, why all heavy metals aren't bad, the scientific validity behind hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) testing, why DNA isn't the "final boss", ionomics, ionic mimicry, how metals affect our mind and emotions, photobiomodulation, the class of metallothioneins, low ferritin, the power of sulfur, zinc and copper ratio, what to prioritize for heavy metal detox, and much more. 

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Music by George Henner