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Mitolife Radio

Nov 17, 2023

There are so many electromagnetic field protection devices to choose from. Some block EMFs, some "harmonize" EMFs, some "depolarize" EMFs, and then theres Blushield in a league of its own that does none of that. For about 6 years now I've been promoting Blushield as my favorite device in that category because of the experience I've had with the technology.

In this episode I have Brandon Amalani back on the show, this time to share the results of his independent review board certified pilot study. The 12 week study used their Premium ultra and mobile units and showed improvements in cognitive function, voltage gated calcium channel function, voltage gated potassium channel function, sleep quality, heart rate variability, blood glucose reduction and immune markers.

We also talk about why we both love the TheraPhi device, grounding, cold lasers, pyramid energy, some of his Shen Blossom products, how I use my Apple watch, electric vehicles, if scalar energy is bad energy, and much more.

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