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Mitolife Radio

Feb 14, 2020

This may not be the WWE Raw Smackdown show that you expect. It is a respectful intelligent debate between two colleagues that spend their days studying health, not only from a nutrition perspective, but from a mineral perspective.

While people are hyper-focused on lectins, oxalates and phytates, we're hyper-focused on copper, iron and magnesium. In this episode I argue my point that restricting sugar and ingesting PUFAs (omega-3s) in today's context will cause a lot of harm. That context is endotoxin and iron overload. 

I consider Morley Robbins to be the world's expert on minerals. He goes way beyond the surface level teachings that you hear in the alternative health community and offers real practical solutions to bring the body back into balance. Have a listen to our fifth round on Mitolife Radio and enjoy the healthy dialogue. 

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