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Mitolife Radio

Nov 24, 2023

What is yeast overgrowth and how does sugar contribute to it? What are common symptoms that you can see when you look at someone? What does drinking soda do to our blood sugar? How does saccharomyces boulardii help? Can someone eat fermented foods while they're healing from yeast overgrowth? How does magnesium help? 

Dr Carolyn Dean was interviewed in the early 80s with the man that wrote the Yeast Connection book. She said over 80,000 people called in to the show for help, showing how common this problem is. She talks about the harmful effect of yeast overgrowth on our mucous membranes, fluoroquinolones, tinnitus, dehydration, picometer size magnesium, why she prefers silver to oregano, her top tips for liver detox, her thoughts on coffee enemas, which neurotransmitter people with fibromyalgia are low in, the relationship between EMF sensitivity and magnesium deficiency, where she gets her calcium, vitamin C, and more.

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