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Mitolife Radio

May 10, 2019

If you've been into natural health long enough the chances are high that you've restricted carbohydrate intake at some point and tried the ketogenic diet. And if you've done the keto diet long enough, you know how many issues it can cause, most notably stress. In this second interview with Atom Bergstrom, we discuss sugar (carbohydrate) and its essential role in the body.

We talk about refined sugar, diabetes, candida, immune health, gut health and a lot more! 

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01:32 Interview starts

03:02 The Different kinds of Sugar

04:25 Sugar Environmental Impacts

06:57 The Dystopian Future is Food

08:27  Nutrition of Honey

09:30 Bee Products and Allergies 

11:05 Caffeine 

12:03 Phenols are Tannins 

12:56 Vaccinations

14:08 Sugar for Immune System Health

15:19 Why Sugar is Addictive

16:21 Aging and Reproduction 

18:56 Sugar and Cándida

21:20 Refined Sugar Truth 

23:34 How to drink coffee 

25:06 Best Forms of Exercise 

30:17 Eugenics & Psychedelics

34:45 Resveratrol Myths

37:17 Iron Toxicity 

39:00 Genetics & Mitochondria and Cancer 

40:33 Lipofuscin 

43:13 Red Light Dangers

46:17 Alcohol & Leaky Gut

49:25 Balancing Blood Sugar & Potatoes 

52:43 Drinking Out of Copper

54:05 Starches vs Sugars and Galactose

55:07 Blood Sugar Best Practices 

58:33 PUFAs and Cannabis 

1:01:48 Balancing Brain Hemispheres 

1:03:10 Melatonin, Serotonin & Nitric Oxide

1:04:55 Carbon Dioxide 

1:05:48 Low Carb & Low Sugar Propaganda 

1:09:35 Sugar for Gut Issues 

1:11:26 The Role of Monounsaturated fats 

1:13:26 Bone Broth & Glycine 

1:14:22 Using Olive Oil

1:15:26 Too Much Sugar?

1:17:00 Mucus & Milk

1:23:06 Blood Type Diet

1:25:26 Sugar & Hypoglycemia/Insulin Resistance 

1:31:25 Cat Health

1:33:28 Cod Liver Oil & DHA

1:35:58 Pineal Gland Calcification 

1:38:23 Sugar & Healthy Teeth 

1:40:47 Balancing Woman’s Hormones

1:43:06 Overactive T-Cells, Autoimmune & Leaky Gut

1:46:55 Coca Leaf

1:48:40 Protein & Weightlifting

1:50:36 Niacinamide NAD

1:56:36 Closing Notes