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Mitolife Radio

Sep 16, 2021

Did you know that there are multiple different types of non-native electromagnetic fields (EMF)? Dirty electricity is one of the lesser known types which was discovered by Dave Stetzer and Martin Graham. It is extra energy that is created from power lines, electronics and even the wiring in your walls. It decreases milk production in cows, changes the pH of the saliva, affects blood sugar and changes the rhythm of the heart beat.

The science is complex, but the effects on human health are well established and proven. Could this be a part of the reason why some people "don't feel good on sugar"? Could it be a contributing factor to not only our mood but chronic disease? 

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3:32 - what is dirty electricity

7:10 - frequencies between 4 and 100 kilohertz are the most biologically active

9:17 - different electronic devices put different kilohertz on every wire throughout the building

10:20 - smart meters guards make RF radiation worse by directing it back into the house

11:48 - practical solution to smart meter radiation

14:25 - radio frequencies (RF) are a part of dirty electricity

16:52 - how to properly research the harmful effects of dirty electricity

19:24 - radiowave sickness is behind chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, add, adhd, headaches, nausea 

21:05 - skeptics trying to disprove that dirty electricity exists

23:18 - best protection for cell phone radiation 

24:46 - earthing/grounding versus quick discharging

28:45 - the electrification of America/alternating current

31:56 - can't the earth neutralize it? 

33:55 - electrical arcing is a high frequency event that travels long distances

35:30 - benefits of AC versus DC 

36:05 - Dr Neil Cherry - safe level of high frequency is zero

37:30 - can dirty electricity increase the electric bill?

38:38 - Dave Stetzer's problem with solar

40:00 - His problem with wind power

42:11 - what your neighbor does affects you

43:40 - the microsurge meter measures how much energy is present

44:24 - cell phone towers puts 50 kHz on every wire

45:33 - how else to measure dirty electricity?

47:15 - why the microsurge meter fluctuates

48:24 - installing Stetzer filters helps your neighbors 

49:02 - how the Stetzer filters work

52:29 - four inches from the filter reads zero milligauss magnetic field

53:04 - Stetzer were the first dirty electricity filters

54:33 - how far does dirty electricity extend? 

56:29 - neurotransmitters are the electrical signals of your immune system

59:09 - anything over 50 kHz goes internal 

1:00:39 - average home needs 20 filters, sometimes less

1:02:58 - worst occupation for breast cancer is call centers

1:04:06 - instant results from lowering dirty electricity 

1:04:56 - how to mitigate radiation in cars

1:07:48 - Q&A