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Mitolife Radio

Apr 19, 2019

In the alternative health world there are many "party lines" that are espoused as gospel. One of these is that omega-3s are essential. Another is that carotenoids are beneficial when supplemented or consumed in foods. In this episode with my friend and colleague, John Schott, we talk about these and touch on numerous other topics including the ketogenic diet, vitamin D and bodywork.

3:20 - how John got into natural health

9:14 - why people are attracted to extreme diets 

17:56 - did our ancestors have to do bodywork?

21:03 - different bodywork techniques 

26:18 - the power of colors

27:58 - natural child development

29:20 - rewilding

31:16 - did omega-3s build the human brain? 

35:02 - do Costa Rican locals near the ocean eat a lot of fish?

36:42 - do we need to eat the rainbow? 

37:34 - vitamin A toxicity

44:07 - fermented cod liver oil

45:38 - various sources of vitamin A

46:20 - more carotenoids the better?

47:52 - hair mineral analysis; vitamin A often recommended to balance calcium

49:08 - John's experience with vitamin A supplementation

52:12 - the carnivore diet is a vitamin A deficient diet

54:28 - yellow fat disease from omega-3s 

55:14 - synergistic toxicity 

56:30 - seeing the big picture

57:04 - butter, milk, ghee as sources of vitamin A

58:08 - taking a break from vitamin A 

1:00:38 - vitamin D supplementation

1:02:02 - we can turn this around 

1:04:43 - do pregnant mothers need to supplement with DHA and prenatals?

1:05:50 - safe ways to get vitamin D

1:07:58 - high dose vitamin D dangers

1:10:00 - cholesterol recommendations always changing like vitamin D 

1:11:47 - resistant starch fad

1:12:25 - grass-fed beef liver is high in retinol/vitamin A

1:15:34 - the benefits of gliding cupping

1:20:03 - where you can find John Schott's material

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