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Mitolife Radio

Apr 5, 2019

Enjoy another informative interview with Brandon Amalani! This time we talk about a wide range of topics from traditional Chinese medicine, forest bathing, herbs, tea, diet philosophy, breath, balance, water and advanced health technologies. Brandon has formulated many synergistic and effective herbal products which he provides through Shen Blossom.

His products continually blow me away with not only their effects, but their flavor. My current favorite products from him include: the goji tincture, the schizandra tincture, the protect sprays and now, the Prime digestion activator. I think that every person that uses their vocal cords a lot should be on the Protect sprays. It has brought my voice back from the brink many times. In my experience it obliterates sore throats. 

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00:12 Introduction

01:29 Interview Begins

02:27 What is Shen?

04:19 Consciousness of the Product

06:11 The Quality Behind Shen Blossom

07:48 Reishi Syrup Concentrate

09:30 The Three Treasures

13:26 Quantifying Consciousness

15:03 Nature Bathing

17:00 The Adapt Formula

18:16 Astragalus and Schizandra

19:14 Full Spectrum Astragalus

21:14 Varying Botanical Nutrients

22:22 Unique Herbal Formulas

23:26 The Glands

24:23 Balancing Diet & Eating Seasonal

26:48 Recognizing The Bodies Needs

28:34 Wild Sesame Butter

30:57 The Ying and Yang in Everything

32:27 Food Variation

33:36 Prime: The Digestion Activator

36:09 Mindful Eating

38:06 Thinking Depletes Energy

39:13 The Circulation Of Qi

41:09 Balanced Awareness

42:42 Quality vs Quantity

44:40 The Sacredness of Ginseng

51:57 Muscle Root Balm Formula

55:00 Tree Resin Medicine

56:00 Protect Spray Formula

59:18 Bioavailable Mineral Formulas

1:03:57 Organic Pi Water Drops

1:11:31 Inhibiting Oxidation

1:13:10 Pi Water Filter

1:15:52 Tea Products

1:19:30 Tea Preparation

1:23:30 Infratonic Chi Machine

1:29:14 Schizandra Products and The Meridians

1:31:28 Private Reserve Products

1:33:42 Conventional Incense Scents vs. Shen Blossom Premium Reserve Incense

1:35:03 Root, Stem & Branch Adaptogenic Skin Care

1:41:30 MSM vs. Collagen

1:43:15 Herbs for Hormone Issues

1:45:43 Fasting

1:49:00 Brandon’s Info

1:50:10 Closing Notes