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Mitolife Radio

Nov 4, 2022

Dr. Cass Ingram is a prolific author, exuberant speaker and talented osteopath that has worked tirelessly for over three decades sharing the most potent herbal remedies and practices to prevent disease and dramatically improve one’s state of health.

He is the founder of HealthHunter, PurelyWild and the main spokesperson for North American Herb & Spice, a nutritional supplement company that specializes in the world’s most advanced wild Mediterrean oregano extracts. His knowledge of holistic health is incredible and is distilled into his nearly 30 books.

I have been ingesting the wild oregano in the crude, oil and juice form for several years and can personally attest to its swiss-army-like multi-effective nature for many chronic conditions, especially those that manifest in the skin. 



00:13 Introduction

01:30 Interview Begins

03:42 Vitamin B Deficiencies

06:00 Vitamin D

07:28 The Mucus Myth

09:50 Inflammatory Plant Proteins

10:39 Milk & Honey

13:34 Digestibility & Stomach Acid

17:38 Animals for Human Consumption

20:10 The Cholesterol Myth

22:02 Most Digestible Proteins

23:05 Weak vs Strong Proteins

23:56 Medicinal Animal Foods

26:25 Relationship Between Thyroid, Adrenals & Liver

29:06 Thyroid/Adrenal Type Test

31:58 Longterm Veganism

33:59 How to Compensate a Restrictive Diet

35:18 How to Not Degenerate

38:15 Wild Oregano Myths & Truths

40:33 Oregano Oil & Animal Products

41:47 Oregano Juice vs Oregano Oil

42:55 Oregano for Pathogens & Biofilms

44:04 Topical Applications of Oregano Oil

46:12 Dosing Oregano

47:04 Using Oregano Oil for Anaphylactic Shock

49:00 Chaga

53:37 Spices for Bone Growth

56:30 The Lyme Cure

1:01:01 Clove Dosage

1:01:31 The Body Shape Diet and Deformations

1:02:23 Diet & Mental Illness

1:05:11 Teeth Remineralization

1:06:20 Athletic Stress

1:08:30 End of Interview

1:09:07 Closing Notes